USMNT-Mexico Nations League finalized for anti-gay slogan

The CONCACAF Nations League final between the United States and Mexico included items thrown on the field due to unruly fan behavior and a brief pause in the game due to fans using the anti-gay slogan.

The U.S. men’s national team ‘s 3-2 victory came to a halt in the final moments of the second half before the game went into extra time. Referee John Pitti started the match three minutes later, with both sides asking the crowd to stop using the slogan.

Then Christian Police The winner of the game dropped a penalty and ran into the corner to celebrate with his other teammates, Giovanni Raina Fans on the stand were hit in the face by an object as they threw cups and water bottles on the field.

Raina, who scored USMNT’s first goal in the first half, lay on the ground for several minutes before heading down the field with the coaches.

As the game came to an end, a fan ran onto the field before entering the field and was guarded by guards.

Raina then returned to the field following the conclusion of the match for the Cup celebrations.

This is the second match to be stopped due to anti-gay slogans at Denver’s Empower Field in Mile High. Mexico’s semi-final victory over Costa Rica was also briefly suspended. Many fans were kicked off the field during that match.

Concacaf’s protocol should be warned by the public announcer, which occurred near half past half time on Sunday. The second step of the protocol is to allow the referee to pause the game.

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If the magic is to continue to be used, the referee has the power to send players to the locker rooms and even invite them to drop the match.

Mexico has struggled for years to stop supporters from making anti-gay slogans. In March, FIFA opened an investigation into the anti-gay slogan of Mexican supporters in the Olympic qualifying round against the Dominican Republic.

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